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Luxury t-shirts and fashionable shirts for dog

Vanity Pet's collection of t-shirts for dog

Vanity Pet's collection offers a wide array of options for dressing your four-legged friend in style and comfort for every season. Made from soft, stretchy cotton, Vanity Pet shirts are designed to provide your pet with unparalleled freedom of movement, allowing them to explore the world comfortably and stylishly.

Luxury soft cotton dog shirt collection

Our exclusive "Black Flower" t-shirt is a perfect example of elegance meets simplicity. Enhanced with three sophisticated hand-crocheted silver flowers and embellished with black organza pistils, it is the ideal choice for any occasion. The "Spring Flowers" shirt, made from soft, stretchy cotton, features a charming green meadow and three colorful flowers, also hand-crocheted, adding a touch of liveliness. Dog Shirts with Embroidered Hearts Our Sweet Heart line features t-shirts made from soft, stretchy cotton, each adorned with a heart in colorful organza, symbolizing the unconditional love our furry friends offer us. Choose the heart design that best reflects your style.

"Chic" and luxurious fashionable dog shirts

Our "Urban Chic" collection offers fashionable t-shirts and shirts for dogs, perfect for the summer season. These creations, made from soft stretch cotton, ensure an easy and comfortable fit, maximizing freedom of movement. The "Urban Chic" shirts, which can be paired with tulle skirts, are available in various colors for a stylish summer.

Luxury dog clothing for summer

Our Spring/Summer collection is designed to expand the range of products for our little friends, offering light, colorful, and spirited garments. Even in the hottest months, your dog can wear bright and original shirts. Vanity Pet also exclusively offers coordinated accessories and stylish bags to flaunt during beach walks or city strolls.

Fluttering dresses, T-Shirts, skirts, and unique outfits for dogs

Our new Spring/Summer collection features fluttering dresses, romantic and original t-shirts, and complete sets with playful and colorful skirts. Vanity Pet is committed to providing only the best for your dog, with shirts that combine style, comfort, and quality. Spoil yourself and your dog with one of our exclusive shirts - because your pet deserves to be fashionable too.

Luxury clothing and accessories for dog and pets

The Vanity collection of luxury dog accessories is a showcase of creativity, skill, and materials all sourced from Italy. Among the Vanity Pet ideas for your furry friends, you'll find elegant indoor luxury dog beds, comfortable sofas, warm sleeping bags, soft dog cushions, fashionable luxury bags, warm blankets, leather collars and leashes. For the warm season, Vanity Pet has crafted a luxury collection consisting of stretch cotton t-shirts, dresses, tulle skirts, and cute bathrobes for beach-loving dogs.