Christmas dog sweaters

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Christmas Dog sweaters

The Christmas dog sweaters are made by choosing from the best yarns that the Italian manufacturing tradition can offer. Natural yarns, to allow optimal skin transpiration; warm and soft, to wrap you in a loving embrace; comfortable and functional for greater freedom of movement, and finally elegantly colored and trendy to give free rein to creativity. Merino wool is the basis of most of our dog sweaters; for its breathability, softness and elasticity. The sweater made of merino wool also offers a self-regulating thermal capacity, another extraordinary quality of this precious yarn.

Luxury sweaters for fashionable dog

In addition to the classic collection, Vanity Pet offers an exclusive and luxurious collection of handmade sweaters fashionable dog. The handmade dog sweaters for Christmas are designed, created and made entirely in Italy using yarns chosen from the best ball manufacturers in Italy. Natural yarns, preferring non-shrink extra fine merino wool, for warmth, comfort, thermoregulation, softness, characteristics that best lend themselves to the creation of a handmade garment for our furry friends. Mohair (made from the hair of the Angora goat, whose fleece is long, soft and shiny) to make sweaters with a "fluffy" effect and gradually other yarns such as Alpaca wool or Cashmere depending on the inspiration. Each handmade sweater is unique and unrepeatable and requires precision and a long time to make according to the peculiarities of the proposed model. They are precious garments, intended for a demanding public that knows how to appreciate the added value of "handmade”.

Dog sweaters easy to wash in the washing machine

Vanity Pet dog sweaters are easily machine washable with a delicate program for woolen items at 30°. For care and hand washing, simply immerse the garments inside out in water at room temperature and with a moderate amount of specific detergent. Leave to soak without rubbing, rinse with cold water. Do not wring or spin. Dry the garment in the shade or away from heat sources. Iron with steam iron at low temperature.