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Luxury dog clothes Made in Italy

Vanity Pet's luxury dog clothing represents the pinnacle of Made in Italy artisanal excellence. The Vanity Pet collections are crafted with natural and fine yarns such as cotton, merino wool, mohair, and cashmere.

The Vanity Pet luxury dog apparel collection

The Vanity Pet luxury dog apparel collection offers a wide range of exclusive items, from precious hand-knitted sweaters using fine yarns to charming summer t-shirts. The line also includes fluttering tulle skirts, beach bathrobes for sea-loving dogs, and dresses for special occasions, perfect for making those special moments unforgettable.

Luxury clothes and t-shirts for fashionable dogs

Vanity Pet t-shirts collection: stylish and comfortable

The Vanity Pet collection of t-shirts and shirts for dogs offers a wide variety of options to dress your furry four-legged friend with style and comfort in every season. Made from soft, stretchy cotton, Vanity Pet shirts are designed to ensure unmatched freedom of movement for your pet, allowing them to explore the world comfortably and stylishly.

"Chic" and luxurious shirts for fashionable dogs

Our "Urban Chic" collection features fashionable t-shirts for dogs, perfect for the summer season. These creations, made from soft stretch cotton, provide an easy and comfortable fit, enhancing freedom of movement. The "Urban Chic" shirts, which can be paired with tulle skirts, are available in various colors for a stylish summer.

Luxury clothing for summer

Our Spring/Summer collection is designed to enrich the range of products for our little friends, offering lightweight, colorful, and spirited clothing. Even during the hottest months, your dog can wear vibrant and original shirts. Vanity Pet also exclusively offers outfits with accessories and stylish bags to show off during walks on the beach or in the city.

Fluttering dresses, T-shirts, skirts, and stylish outfits for Dog

Our new Spring/Summer collection features fluttering dresses, romantic and original t-shirts, and complete sets with playful, colorful skirts. Vanity Pet is committed to providing only the best for your dog, with shirts that combine style, comfort, and quality. Pamper and spoil your dog with one of our exclusive shirts - because your pet deserves to be fashionable too.

Luxury dog sweaters Made in Italy

The luxury dog sweaters by Vanity Pet represent the finest expression of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Vanity Pet's collections are crafted with natural, high-quality yarns such as merino wool, mohair, and cashmere.

Fashionable and trendy dog Sweaters

Vanity Pet's dog sweaters and pullovers are made from the best yarns that Italian manufacturing tradition has to offer. These natural fibers allow optimal skin breathability; they are warm and soft, enveloping your pet in a loving embrace; they are comfortable and functional for greater freedom of movement, and elegantly colored and trendy to unleash creativity. Merino wool is the basis of most of our dog sweaters; it's chosen for its breathability, softness, and elasticity. The merino wool sweater also features thermoregulating capabilities, another remarkable quality of this precious yarn.

A selection of luxury merino wool dog apparel

Here is a selection of luxury dog apparel and sweaters made from merino wool: the handmade "Bad Girl" sweater for super-trendy female dogs, or "Oh My Gold" with golden fabric, and the classic, fun "Beanie Mood" sweater with playful colors.

Handmade dog sweaters: luxurious, precious, and exclusive

Beyond the classic collection, Vanity Pet offers an exclusive and luxurious collection of handmade sweaters and pullovers. These handmade dog sweaters are entirely conceived, created, and crafted in Italy using yarns selected from the finest Italian wool mills. Natural fibers, especially the non-shrink extra fine merino wool, are preferred for their warmth, comfort, thermoregulation, and softness—traits ideally suited for handcrafted garments. Mohair (from the Angora goat's hair, which is long, soft, and shiny) is used to create sweaters with a "fluffy" effect, among other yarns like Alpaca wool or Cashmere depending on the design inspiration. Each handmade sweater is unique and meticulously crafted, designed for discerning customers who appreciate the added value of handmade products.

Easy-to-Wash dog sweaters

Vanity Pet dog sweaters are easy to wash in the machine on a gentle wool cycle at 30°C. For handwashing, simply soak the garment inside out in room-temperature water with a mild detergent. Avoid rubbing, rinse with cold water, do not wring or spin. Dry the garment in the shade away from heat sources and iron with a low-temperature steam iron.

Christmas dog sweaters

Our Christmas dog sweaters showcase the best of Made in Italy artisanal excellence. Crafted with natural and fine yarns like merino wool, mohair, and cashmere, these sweaters are warm and soft with a cozy fit. The hand-embroidered Christmas decorations evoke the lights, Christmas songs, the scent of ginger in cookies and hot drinks, and the joy typical of this magical winter season.

Luxury clothing and accessories for dog and pets

The Vanity collection of luxury dog accessories is a showcase of creativity, skill, and materials all sourced from Italy. Among the Vanity Pet ideas for your furry friends, you'll find elegant indoor luxury dog beds, comfortable sofas, warm sleeping bags, soft dog cushions, fashionable luxury bags, warm blankets, t-shirts, bathrobes, and high-end dog apparel including leather collars and leashes. For the warm season, Vanity Pet has crafted a luxury collection consisting of stretch cotton t-shirts, dresses, tulle skirts, and cute bathrobes for beach-loving dogs.