Leather leashes and collars for dogs

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Made in Italy leather dog leashes, harnesses and collars

Vanity Pet collection was born from the need to offer products that enclose the best of Made in Italy for our pets. Therefore, our basic collection of collars, harnesses and leashes could not be missing: our items are made by skilled master craftsmen, employing quality soft leathers. Colors range between classic and elegant tones such as cream, leather brown, red, yellow and black and more trendy shades such as pink and teal. The polished steel fittings provide a modern twist and a tough look.

The products used for leather tanning fully comply with EEC regulations and do not contain any substances harmful to health.

Leash in fine "full grain" leather with stud and pony

For the more stylish, who love not only the quality and comfort of the product but also a more sophisticated and glamorous touch, the collection in Mordido Cavallino - amazing also the version with studs and rhinestones - in bright colors, such as acid green, the cyclamen and the octane and the elegant black. The offer is completed by the leashes in two sizes, in the simple version or with studs and rhinestones.

Leashes, bibs and collars made with the best 100% Made in Italy leather, handcrafted in Italy

The leather used for the Made in Italy leash signed Vanity Pet are the best Italian raw materials. The Full Flower is the most superficial and precious skin, which has undergone only aniline or semi-aniline treatments. The "pony" leather comes from cowhide, an excellent finished product is obtained starting from a by-product of the food industry. The Vanity Pet pony is produced by a historic Italian company, leader in the processing of furs. Its products are among the best in the market and are particularly sought after in the world of footwear, clothing and furniture. The company transforms skins by giving them new life and beauty. Tanning is carried out in a responsible manner, optimizing the processes to obtain a cutting-edge finished product while minimizing the environmental impact.

Treatment of burling

The treatment inside a rotating cylinder called bottale, hence the name of the technique. It is a finishing process and is performed in the last phase on the bovine skin to enhance the natural beauty of the flower. The final result is unique: the skin acquires a wrinkled or aged effect, thanks to the formation of a natural grain. Nevertheless, the skin is soft to the touch. The bottling, in fact, respects the characteristics of the selected bovine skin and preserves its natural irregularities. It is the most suitable process to obtain a leather with a natural appearance and this is why it is particularly appreciated for the production of bags and shoes of high quality.