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Dog sleeping bag, warm and snug for the littlest furry friends

The dog sleeping bag is warm and enveloping dens for the littlest and coldest furry friends. Dog sleeping bag is the ideal place where your puppy can hide away to take deep, warm naps. Is made of soft bouclè fabric available in many colors.

Dog sleeping bag, easy to wash and clean

Vanity Pet sleeping bags are easy to clean and can be machine washed at low temperatures.

Luxury dog ​​kennels

The luxury dog ​​kennels Vanity Pet are the best place where your furry friends can sink into pleasant naps. The luxury kennels have a soft removable double-sided cushion: on one side the fabric of the chosen kennel and on the other a comfortable bouclè fabric (for the colder seasons). Vanity Pet kennels for dogs and cats are welcoming and comfortable, made with trendy fabrics and perfect for harmoniously fitting into any space and environment of the house. In coordination with the bed, a small toy in tone-on-tone fabric, a fun surprise that your furry friends will certainly appreciate.

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Vanity Pet's luxury accessories for dog and pets are the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship

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